Global Valley provides tech companies with high-quality gaming developer talent

Through our turnkey Talent as a Service solution, we provide skilled game developers to Israeli-based tech and gaming companies, offering a wide range of services spanning design, development and more.

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The gaming industry

As technology continues to advance, the realm of gaming is more captivating and diverse than ever

The global gaming industry is a thriving ecosystem fuelled by creativity, technology, and the drive for immersive experiences. Global Valley recognizes the immense potential within this industry and empowers tech companies with world-class gaming developer talent that brings gaming visions to life.

  • 3.22 billion – The number of gamers worldwide in 2023
  • 81.9% – The share of internet users who play video games across devices
  • USD 665.77bn – The expected worth of the global gaming market by 2030

Global Valley is a joint tech excellence center in the UAE serving the Israeli tech ecosystem. We empower Israel’s game development companies with top tech talent from our headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

AD Gaming

The UAE is transforming the gaming market

AD Gaming is a visionary government-led initiative in Abu Dhabi that is set to transform the gaming landscape in the region. With a mission to nurture the gaming industry’s growth and foster innovation, AD Gaming is committed to providing a comprehensive platform for gamers and gaming developer talent. This forward-thinking initiative is driven by the belief that the gaming sector has tremendous potential, not only as a form of entertainment but also as a powerful economic driver and a catalyst for technological advancement.

Through strategic partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities, and a diverse range of programs, AD Gaming is positioning Abu Dhabi as a prominent global player in the gaming arena. The initiative is not only about creating a vibrant gaming ecosystem but also about empowering local talent, encouraging entrepreneurship, and promoting educational initiatives that can shape the future of gaming. AD Gaming’s dedication to inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation reflects the vision of Abu Dhabi’s leadership, making it a pivotal force in shaping the gaming industry’s future in the UAE and beyond.

What we provide

For tech companies looking to hire gaming developers, sourcing high-quality talent is paramount. At Global Valley, we cover an expansive range of gaming development roles for Israeli-based tech and gaming organizations, offering a comprehensive set of development solutions.

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Mobile developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Software architects
  • 3D designers
  • Data scientists
  • QA engineers
hire gaming developers from abu dhabi

Front-end developers

We provide skilled front-end developers for gaming companies. As the gateway to a player’s immersion, the front end is where aesthetics, user experience, and engagement converge. Global Valley can offer world-class front-end developers who understand the essential role of interactivity and visuals in gaming. Hire gaming developers who create captivating user interfaces that integrate with cutting-edge graphics and optimize performance for a seamless gaming experience. Our front-end developers ensure that every pixel and interaction reflects the essence of the game.

Back-end developers

Global Valley provides skilled back-end developers that enable gaming companies to create robust, scalable, and immersive gaming worlds. These “behind-the-scenes” developers create infrastructure that powers multiplayer interactions, dynamic game logic, and secure data management. We hire gaming developers who can optimize server performance to ensure seamless online gameplay, enhancing matchmaking algorithms, and fortifying against potential security threats. By offering tailored back-end solutions, we enable gaming companies to focus on crafting captivating content, while remaining confident that the backbone of their gaming universe is reliable and poised for growth.

Full-stack developers

Our full-stack developers specialize in bridging the creative front end with the robust back end, creating cohesive, player-centric gaming experiences. From crafting stunning user interfaces and intuitive gameplay mechanics to engineering scalable server architecture and implementing real-time multiplayer features, Global Valley provides gaming companies with an end-to-end solution. This holistic approach not only streamlines development but also ensures that every facet of the game, from graphics to performance, is harmonized, delivering a captivating gaming masterpiece.

Mobile developers

The world of mobile gaming is rapidly advancing. Global Valley offers mobile development solutions for gaming companies, providing mobile gaming developer talent with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this environment. Access a team that can specialize in crafting immersive, user-friendly, and performance-driven mobile games. We recruit developers who can design captivating gameplay experiences optimized for various devices and operating systems, ensuring seamless playability on smartphones and tablets. Create mobile games that stand out in the crowded app stores with our skilled developers.

UI/UX designers

Hire skilled User Interface and User Experience designers to create unforgettable player experiences. With gaming, the visual and interactive aspects of a game are the keys to player engagement. Global Valley provides highly skilled designers who blend artistry with user-centric design principles to create stunning user interfaces, intuitive navigation, and captivating graphics. Our designers create seamless gameplay and fluid interactions that immerse players from the start.

DevOps engineers

Global Valley provides DevOps engineering solutions that help gaming companies succeed. We specialize in streamlining the development pipeline, ensuring rapid and reliable game deployment. Our DevOps engineers understand automated testing, continuous integration, and seamless deployment processes, carrying out all necessary requirements to optimize game performance and minimize downtime. With a keen eye on scalability, we enable gaming companies to handle sudden surges in player activity seamlessly. Global Valley’s DevOps engineers will empower your gaming organization to focus on creating remarkable gaming experiences while we take care of the technical intricacies, ensuring that your games are always accessible, responsive, and captivating.

Software architects

Hire software architects that develop the blueprint for creating exceptional gaming experiences. Global Valley provides skilled software architects with a deep understanding of the complex systems that power modern games. Design scalable, efficient software structures for games that are not only visually captivating but also technologically robust, capable of handling vast open worlds, intricate multiplayer interactions, and dynamic gameplay mechanics. With software architects on your team, you can better optimize performance, reducing load times, and future-proofing your games for evolving hardware and platforms. By leveraging software architecture solutions, you develop a solid foundation upon which to build gaming universes that captivate players and stand the test of time.

3D designers

Global Valley provides 3D designer solutions for gaming companies, enabling them to develop visually stunning and immersive game worlds. We recruit a talented team of 3D designers who bring creativity and technical expertise to the forefront to craft lifelike characters, breathtaking landscapes, and awe-inspiring environments. Captivating visuals that enhance gameplay are a crucial aspect of game development, and we provide designers who excel at optimizing 3D assets for seamless performance across platforms. Whether you are developing a vast open-world adventure or a cutting-edge VR experience, we can provide your company with 3D designers who will bring your gaming vision to life.

Data scientists

Gaming companies utilize vital data science to unlock valuable insights and enhance player experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge analytics and machine learning techniques, data scientists delve into player behavior, engagement patterns, and in-game data to uncover actionable intelligence. At Global Valley, we recruit data scientists who help you optimize game mechanics, personalize player experiences, and refine monetization strategies to maximize player retention and revenue. With a data-driven approach, your company is empowered to gain a competitive edge in the gaming industry, ensuring that your games not only entertain but also adapt to player preferences in real time. Hire data scientists who can help you transform raw data into a strategic asset that drives success in the dynamic world of gaming.

QA engineers

Global Valley offers QA engineering solutions for gaming companies. Precision is essential in gaming development, and we provide dedicated teams to ensure that every aspect of your game is rigorously tested for functionality, performance, and user experience. From hunting down elusive bugs to fine-tuning gameplay balance, our QA engineers will evaluate your game to deliver an impeccable final product. Player satisfaction hinges on seamless gameplay, and our QA experts are committed to making sure that your game not only meets industry standards but exceeds player expectations. Trust us to be the final line of defense, guaranteeing that your game is a flawless masterpiece that keeps players immersed and delighted.

The Global Valley solution

Global Valley provides globally recruited tech talent to the Israeli tech sector. We source talent from around the world to supply Israel’s tech ecosystem and address the global talent shortage. As a Talent as a Service recruitment solution, Global Valley sources gaming developer talent with the highest quality skills and knowledge.

Talent as a Service – Our turnkey solution

The Talent as a Service model

The Global Valley Talent as a Service model provides benefits and opportunities for tech talent and tech company clients alike

Global Valley provides a one-stop-shop offering through an approach that not only aims to channel top tech workers to global businesses to fuel their growth and address demand shifts, but also to support both talent and organizations through a reliable and efficient talent management framework, driven by exceptional service and care.

For talent: Abu Dhabi is a thriving city for tech professionals looking to elevate their careers. Make your home in one of the world’s best cities, where quality of life and safety meet with incredible career opportunities in a tax-free zone. Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub for tech talent, with a strong, stable economy, well-established infrastructure, a pro-business approach, and a commitment to technological innovation. Global Valley recruits talent internationally, providing opportunities to people around the world to relocate to a world-class destination and launch their tech careers. What’s more, Abu Dhabi is keenly invested in the gaming industry, making the city a top destination for tech talent looking to grow as a gaming developer.

For clients: As the world of working continues to evolve and grow, Talent as a Service has emerged as a top business model for recruitment solutions. Global Valley clients enjoy efficient, flexible, de-risked access to a global talent pool of the best tech workers, with the ability to scale their workforce according to their business requirements. Tech companies enjoy access to an international selection of talent that empowers their operation with talent they could not access otherwise, enabling them to source the best professionals for the job, while enjoying the flexibility to ramp up and down their capacity in alignment with their business activity.


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