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As a global Talent as a Service recruitment organization, Global Valley sources highly skilled fintech developers to supply the Israeli tech ecosystem. We provide developers to cover an expansive range of roles in the fintech industry.

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The fintech industry

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving financial landscape, the fintech industry is at the forefront of innovation, reshaping the way we manage, invest, and interact with our finances. As consumers increasingly demand seamless digital experiences and businesses seek to optimize their financial operations, fintech companies have emerged as the driving force behind this transformative shift.

  • USD 164.1bn – The value of investments into fintech worldwide
  • 9,681 – The number of fintech startups in the EMEA region in 2023
  • USD 305.7bn – The value of the global fintech industry in 2023

At Global Valley, we understand the pivotal role technology plays in this dynamic ecosystem. We are dedicated to empowering fintech enterprises with cutting-edge developer solutions and technological expertise, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the industry and seize opportunities for growth and innovation.

Global Valley covers a wide range of fintech roles

Recruiting top tech talent is crucial for fintech companies looking to hire fintech developer teams. Global Valley understands the importance of sourcing the right talent and, through our Talent as a Service solution, we ensure that Israeli fintech companies are supplied with highly skilled, qualified fintech developers.

  • Software engineers and developers
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Blockchain developers
  • Data scientists and analysts
  • UX/UI designers
  • Security engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Cloud engineers
  • Data engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
Hire Fintech Developers

Software engineers & developers

Global Valley recruits world-class software engineers and developers. These tech professionals play a pivotal role in fintech, developing innovative solutions that drive the industry forward. Software developers and engineers design and build the robust software infrastructure that underpins digital banking, payment processing, investment platforms, and more. By leveraging Global Valley’s solution, fintech companies access quality expertise in programming languages, security protocols, and data management with developers who ensure fintech systems are not only efficient and reliable but also compliant with stringent financial regulations.

Hire fintech developer teams that innovate, embracing emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning to enhance financial services, and access talented professionals who create user-friendly interfaces. Global Valley provides developers who empower consumers to manage their finances seamlessly. In a rapidly evolving digital economy, software engineers and developers remain the architects of fintech’s transformative potential.

Front-end developers

As the creative force behind fintech interfaces, front-end developers craft the user experiences that define modern financial technology. They ensure that fintech applications are not only intuitive and user-friendly but also visually appealing. Front-end developers translate complex financial data into accessible visuals, making it easier for users to manage investments, execute transactions, and access critical financial information.

Global Valley provides talented front-end developers who stay at the forefront of web and mobile technologies, enabling companies to ensure that their fintech platforms remain responsive, adaptive, and accessible across devices. In an industry where user experience can make or break success, front-end developers are the architects of engaging and user-centric fintech solutions that empower individuals to navigate the digital financial landscape effortlessly.

Back-end developers

Global Valley supplies fintech companies with highly skilled back-end developers who build robust and secure infrastructures that power financial technology applications. They design and manage databases, handle data storage and retrieval, and ensure that sensitive financial information is stored and transmitted securely. Hire fintech developer experts proficient in server-side programming languages, data management, and cybersecurity, all critical components in safeguarding against data breaches and fraud.

Trust and reliability are paramount in the realm of fintech, and our back-end developers ensure that fintech platforms are not only efficient and scalable but also compliant with strict financial regulations. We provide developers who build the foundations upon Israeli fintech companies deliver secure and seamless financial services to users worldwide.

Full-stack developers

Global Valley provides fintech companies with full-stack developers who combine expertise in both front-end and back-end development to offer comprehensive solutions. By bridging the gap between user interface design and server infrastructure, full-stack developers allow fintech companies to create holistic and cohesive applications.Hire fintech developers with a deep understanding of programming languages, databases, and security protocols, capable of rapidly prototyping and building fintech products from end to end.

We recruit full-stack developers with versatility that enables them to adapt to evolving project requirements, ensuring that fintech applications remain agile and user-friendly. In an industry characterized by rapid innovation, Global Valley’s full-stack developers are versatile problem solvers who streamline development processes, helping fintech companies deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet user needs and regulatory standards.

Mobile app developers

Mobile app developers are the driving force behind the seamless and on-the-go experiences that fintech users demand. At Global Valley, we recruit developers who specialize in crafting robust, user-friendly applications for smartphones and tablets, ensuring that financial services are readily accessible. We provide highly qualified developers who are well-versed in mobile platforms, programming languages, and responsive design principles, enabling them to create intuitive and visually appealing apps.

Blockchain developers

Blockchain developers are at the forefront of fintech innovation, harnessing the transformative power of distributed ledger technology. Our developers specialize in creating decentralized and secure financial solutions that redefine how transactions and assets are managed. Global Valley ensures that blockchain developers are proficient in platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, and possess the skills needed to design and implement smart contracts, cryptocurrency protocols, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Blockchain developers address critical challenges like transparency, trust, and fraud prevention in the financial industry. In a world where traditional financial systems are being reshaped, blockchain developers craft fintech solutions that bring transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity to the financial sector, enabling companies to pioneer new financial services and redefine money.

Data scientists and analysts

Data scientists and analysts are the analytical backbone of fintech companies, leveraging data-driven insights to inform critical decisions and enhance financial services. Hire experts who possess expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning to uncover valuable patterns and trends within financial data.

Global Valley provides data scientists who are able to help fintech companies optimize risk assessment, fraud detection, and customer segmentation, ultimately improving the accuracy and efficiency of their offerings. By harnessing the power of big data and advanced analytics, data scientists and analysts empower fintech firms to remain competitive, compliant with regulations, and responsive to evolving market dynamics.

UX/UI designers

Exceptional user experiences are paramount in the fintech realm. Global Valley supplies User Experience and User Interface designers who create interfaces that simplify complex financial processes and engage users effectively. We recruit designers with an in-depth understanding of user behavior, information architecture, and visual design, ensuring that fintech platforms are not only aesthetically appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly.

By crafting seamless navigation, clear information hierarchy, and responsive layouts, UI/UX designers enhance accessibility and usability, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention. In the highly competitive fintech landscape, these designers play a pivotal role in building trust and loyalty among users, fostering the adoption of innovative financial technologies, and helping fintech companies stand out in a crowded market.

Security engineers

Security engineers are a crucial component of fintech operations, fortifying organizations against cyber threats. Global Valley provides security engineers who possess a deep understanding of encryption, network security, and compliance to ensure that fintech platforms safeguard sensitive financial data. Our expert engineers conduct thorough risk assessments, design robust security protocols, and continuously monitor for vulnerabilities, thwarting potential breaches and fraud attempts. As fintech expands, increasing data breaches and regulatory scrutiny require security engineers who enable fintech companies to operate with confidence and assure users that their financial information is protected.

DevOps engineers

Efficiency and reliability are crucial components of the fintech ecosystem, streamlining the development and deployment of critical financial technology solutions. Global Valley provides skilled DevOps engineers who bridge the gaps between development and operations, automating processes, managing infrastructure, and ensuring seamless, continuous delivery.

DevOps engineers leverage tools and practices to enhance system scalability, reduce downtime, and bolster security, enabling fintech companies to respond swiftly to market changes and user demands. Fintech requires both agility and stability, and Global Valley’s DevOps engineers play a pivotal role in maintaining fintech platforms’ resilience, ensuring they remain cutting-edge, secure, and accessible for users and stakeholders.

Data engineers

As the architects of data ecosystems in fintech, data engineers are responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining the robust data pipelines that underpin financial technology solutions. At Global Valley, we source experts in data integration, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and database management. Data engineers ensure the smooth flow of financial data from various sources, making it accessible for analytics, reporting, and decision-making. They play a critical role in creating data warehouses, optimizing data storage, and implementing data governance practices to ensure data accuracy and security. Global Valley provides fintech companies with engineers who produce reliable and high-quality data that fuels innovative financial services, risk management, and compliance.

Machine learning engineers

Machine learning engineers are responsible for predictive and data-driven capabilities in fintech, leveraging advanced algorithms to unlock valuable insights, automate tasks, and enhance financial services. Global Valley sources top-quality engineers who possess comprehensive expertise in machine learning frameworks and data modeling. Machine learning engineers empower fintech companies to build sophisticated solutions for credit scoring, fraud detection, investment recommendations, and customer segmentation.

The Global Valley solution

Global Valley provides globally recruited tech talent to the Israeli tech sector. We source talent from around the world to supply Israel’s tech ecosystem and address the global talent shortage. As a Talent as a Service recruitment solution, Global Valley recruits talent with the highest quality skills and knowledge for companies looking to hire fintech developer teams.

Talent as a Service – Our turnkey solution

The Talent as a Service model

The Global Valley Talent as a Service model provides benefits and opportunities for tech talent and tech company clients alike

Global Valley provides a one-stop-shop offering through an approach that not only aims to channel top tech workers to global businesses to fuel their growth and address demand shifts, but also to support both talent and organizations through a reliable and efficient talent management framework, driven by exceptional service and care.

Hire Fintech Developers abu dhabi

For talent: Abu Dhabi is a thriving city for tech professionals looking to elevate their careers. Make your home in one of the world’s best cities, where quality of life and safety meet with incredible career opportunities in a tax-free zone. Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub for tech talent, with a strong, stable economy, well-established infrastructure, a pro-business approach, and a commitment to technological innovation. Global Valley recruits talent internationally, providing opportunities to people around the world to relocate to a world-class destination and launch their tech careers. What’s more, Abu Dhabi is keenly invested in the fintech industry, making the city a top destination for tech talent looking to grow as a fintech developer.

For clients: As the world of working continues to evolve and grow, Talent as a Service has emerged as a top business model for recruitment solutions. Global Valley clients looking to hire fintech developer teams enjoy efficient, flexible, de-risked access to a global talent pool of the best tech workers, with the ability to scale their workforce according to their business requirements. Tech companies enjoy access to an international selection of talent that empowers their operation with talent they could not access otherwise, enabling them to source the best professionals for the job, while enjoying the flexibility to ramp up and down their capacity in alignment with their business activity.


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