The most popular cloud jobs of 2023: Insights from a leading talent acquisition firm

career as game developer abu dhabi

The most popular cloud jobs of 2023: Insights from a leading talent acquisition firm

career as game developer abu dhabi

In the dynamic realm of technology, cloud computing has firmly established itself as a leading powerhouse, spurring innovation and revolutionizing industries. The demand for cloud professionals is at an all-time high, with certain roles emerging as particularly coveted. For tech professionals looking to elevate their careers, gaining insights into these roles and the benefits of collaborating with a talent acquisition firm like Global Valley is invaluable.

Let’s dive into the top cloud jobs of this year and discover how sourcing global talent through agencies can significantly help companies that want to start hiring global talent for these positions.

The meteoric rise of cloud computing: An in-depth look at the industry’s expansion

Historically, businesses relied heavily on hardware technologies. The transition to cloud servers, on the other hand, was gradual and not as quick as one might expect. The Covid-19 pandemic was the true game changer, significantly increasing demand for Cloud Computing. Many businesses would have struggled to meet customer demands during such unprecedented times without the flexibility and scalability provided by cloud services. Furthermore, cloud services were critical in assisting industries in recovering from the massive setbacks caused by the pandemic.

Cloud Computing’s future scope is now aligning with the contours of our modern reality. In the post-pandemic era, the field is expanding at an unprecedented rate, resulting in a surge in job opportunities worldwide which resulted in many companies gaining interest in hiring global talent.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • In recent years, the Cloud Computing industry has grown at an exponential rate. An impressive $252.5 billion will be invested in various public cloud services by 2020. In recent years, this figure has risen to a staggering $304.9 billion spent on public cloud services. This surge in demand attests to the lucrative nature of cloud jobs.
  • The tech market is currently dominated by cloud roles and skills. Consider this: 89% of global businesses are using SaaS (Software as a Service). IaaS, the fastest-growing Cloud service, has a 33.7% CAGR. Furthermore, various business entities have given Cloud Computing a 93% approval rating for security. It has also contributed to an 88% reduction in human errors. Notably, Cloud Computing protects the sensitive data of three-quarters of businesses. These compelling statistics highlight the increasing need for cloud computing professionals.
  • Given the pervasiveness of cloud platforms in our daily lives, the future of cloud computing jobs appears extremely promising. We reap the benefits of cloud technology without even realizing it, from simple tasks like uploading files to a drive to binge-watching shows on OTT platforms. The pandemic has unquestionably reshaped the cloud industry landscape, with job demands in this sector steadily increasing. This increase is also increasing the pay of cloud specialists. According to future projections, the domain could generate profits worth $1554.94 billion by 2030. Cloud computing is set to outperform industries such as banking, finance, and information in terms of economic impact.

The most popular cloud jobs of 2023

  1. Cloud solutions architect

A Cloud Solutions Architect is responsible for designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for businesses. They ensure that the architecture is scalable, reliable, and meets the company’s objectives. With the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, businesses are on the lookout for experts who can seamlessly integrate cloud solutions into their existing infrastructure.

  1. Cloud security engineer

With cyber threats on the rise, the role of a Cloud Security Engineer has become indispensable. They are tasked with ensuring the security of cloud-based applications and data by implementing advanced security protocols and measures.

  1. Cloud DevOps engineer

DevOps Engineers in the cloud domain work on automating and optimizing cloud deployments. Their expertise lies in bridging the gap between development and operations, ensuring faster and more efficient deployment of cloud applications.

  1. Cloud data engineer

Data is the new oil, and Cloud Data Engineers are the new refiners. They design and maintain the architecture of cloud-based data systems, ensuring data integrity, availability, and scalability.

Advantages of pursuing Cloud jobs through a talent acquisition firm:

Navigating the vast landscape of the tech industry can be daunting, especially when it comes to securing the right cloud job that aligns with your aspirations and skills. A talent acquisition firm like Global Valley plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between professionals and their dream roles. These agencies not only offer a gateway to global opportunities but also provide invaluable support throughout the hiring journey.

Let’s delve into the distinct advantages of pursuing cloud roles through these specialized firms:

  1. Access to global opportunities: Talent acquisition firms, especially those specializing in hiring global talent, have a vast network of opportunities spanning across continents. Partnering with them ensures you’re exposed to roles that align with your skill set on a global scale.
  1. Personalized career guidance: These firms offer personalized career guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the tech job market. Their expertise ensures you’re well-prepared for interviews and have a competitive edge.
  1. Streamlined hiring process: With a talent acquisition firm like Global Valley, the hiring process becomes smoother and faster. They handle the initial screening, negotiations, and paperwork, ensuring you can focus on what you do best.
  1. Continuous learning and development: Many of these firms also offer continuous learning and development opportunities, ensuring you stay updated with the latest in cloud technologies.

Embarking on a cloud career with Global Valley’s expertise

In the vast landscape of the tech universe, cloud computing shines brightly as an industry with incredible opportunities and innovation. However, navigating this path requires more than just technical skills; it demands the right mentorship, exposure, and opportunities.

At Global Valley, our expertise in hiring global talent ensures that we are uniquely equipped to be that guiding force for aspiring cloud professionals. When you align with us, you’re not merely seeking a job; you’re setting the foundation for a transformative career in the cloud sector.

So, if you’re geared up to tap into the potential of cloud computing and elevate your professional trajectory, there’s no better time than now. Let Global Valley be your compass in this exciting journey.

Ready to harness the power of the cloud? Reach out to us today and join the forefront of the revolution in the Cloud industry.