7 In-demand Data Analyst skills that will make you stand out as top tech talent in 2023

top tech talent in 2023

7 In-demand Data Analyst skills that will make you stand out as top tech talent in 2023

top tech talent in 2023

Data has become the lifeblood of businesses in today’s digital age, driving decisions and shaping strategies. The role of a data analyst has never been more important as organizations increasingly rely on data to gain a competitive advantage. These individuals sift through massive amounts of data to extract meaningful insights that can propel businesses forward. Their ability to transform raw data into actionable intelligence makes them priceless assets in any industry. But what does it take to stand out in such a field and land a coveted position?

Let’s delve into the top seven data science skills that are in high demand in 2023 and will set you apart as top tech talent in the job market.

What is data analytics and why is there a high demand for professionals?

Data analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics with the goal of extracting valuable information to inform decision-making processes. It encompasses a wide range of techniques, from statistical algorithms to complex data mining and big data methodologies, all of which aim to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and structures in data sets. The ability to extract actionable insights from massive amounts of data has become increasingly important as industries are now more data-driven. As a result, data analytics has been integrated into core business operations such as market research and risk management, as well as operational efficiency and strategic planning.

The increasing reliance on data analytics across industries highlights the growing demand for top tech talent skilled in this field. Their knowledge not only allows for more informed decisions, but also fosters competitive advantage, innovation, and better customer experiences. Understanding the complexities of data analytics and the driving forces behind its rising prominence is crucial given its significant role in modern enterprise.

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for analysts are expected to grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031, making it one of the fastest-growing professions.
  • As of June 2023, a search for data analyst jobs on indeed.com yields over 19,000 results—and that doesn’t include the many additional job titles covering similar skills and responsibilities.
  • Because of the high demand for data analysts across industries, it has become one of the more profitable jobs in the tech industry. The present typical wage for data analysts is more than $80,000, which is significantly higher than the job market average.

Most wanted skills to land you a data analyst job in 2023

  • SQL (Structured Query Language) 

SQL is the industry standard for communicating with databases. It allows you to modify data structures and update, organize, and query data stored in relational databases. SQL is used by almost all data analysts to access company databases, making it a critical skill. SQL is a relatively simple language to learn for those who are new to coding.

  • R or Python Statistical Programming

Statistical programming languages such as R or Python enable advanced data analyses that go beyond what Excel can provide. Both are open-source languages and while R is designed for analytics, Python is more popular and user-friendly.

  • Machine learning

Machine learning, a subset of AI, is a game changer in data science. It entails developing algorithms to identify patterns in large datasets and improving accuracy over time. While not all data analysts require machine learning expertise, having it can give you an advantage.

  • Statistics and Probability

Data analysts must have a solid foundation in probability and statistics. It aids in the identification of data patterns, the avoidance of biases, and the production of accurate results.

  • Data management

Data management must be efficient and secure. Because data analysts frequently handle data management tasks, understanding databases in both physical and cloud environments is advantageous.

  • Statistical visualization

Data visualization is the process of presenting data insights in an understandable way using charts, graphs, and other visual tools. For this purpose, software such as Tableau is industry standard.

  • Econometrics

Econometrics is a branch of economics that uses statistical and mathematical models to forecast future trends based on historical data. It’s especially useful for those interested in working in finance.

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At Global Valley, we recognize the vast and ever-evolving landscape of data analytics. As businesses globally lean into the power of data-driven insights, the demand for top tech talent in this arena continues to surge. We believe that with the right skills and a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, you can position yourself as the top tech talent that the world of data analytics so keenly seeks.

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