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Born Out of The Abraham Accords

Global Valley is born out of the historic Abraham Accords, a series of transformational agreements between Israel and UAE nations which have encouraged the flourishing of business and social initiatives for all, allowing the signatory nations to grow and prosper

Our organization is committed to providing Talent-as-a-Service to tech companies in Israel, recruiting, managing and eqipping skilled talent perfectly suited to the required role. We prioritize excellence and cater to clients across a wide range of roles within the tech sector. As the close ties between Israel and the UAE continue to strengthen, Global Valley is perfectly aligned to elevate Israel's position as a recognized global tech hub

amir hayak, israeli ambassador

"1.4 billion dollars of trade in 7 months, the figures have doubled. Israel has 121 trading partners and the Emirates are in 11th place. I think that in two to three years, the Emirates will be among the ten most important trading partners of the State of Israel. All this proves that there is mutual trust and that the companies wish to work together. These are incredible results," 14 of September, 2022"

Amir Hayak, Israeli Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates 14 September 2022

Global Valley is backed by prominent shareholders, G42 and Viola

Securing supply of high-quality talent from around the world g42

G42 is a technology group based in Abu Dhabi, focused on the development of visionary AI solutions across all industries, including the government sector, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, aviation, and hospitality. The company believes in the power of humans and technology, and understands the value in uniting with organizations focused on creating powerful infrastructure through technological advancement

Enabling access to globally leading Israeli tech companies viola - tech investment group in israel

Viola is the largest tech investment group in Israel, focused on enabling Israeli entrepreneurs to develop innovative, transformational technology companies. Supporting over 200 companies to date, Viola is committed to providing the resources to accelerate tech success for companies in the sector

Global Valley’s objective is aligned with Viola, resulting in a collaborative partnership that drives the advancement of technology groups, establishing new business and delivering the resources and talent required for successful growth


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