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Talent As A Service – our turnkey solution

  • virtual teams based in abu dhabi


    Our virtual teams are based in Abu Dhabi onsite, hybrid or fully remote and working in our clients' IT environments and DevOps platforms

  • hire tech candidates

    Wide coverage

    We cover a wide range of common tech roles, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, QA and JAVA, as well as niche requirements like AI and ML specialists

  • fully integrated abu dhabi talent agency

    Fully integrated

    Based in Abu Dhabi, teams integrate into our clients' core organization and are fully embedded into their everyday lives. They follow our clients' employee policies and practices; are assigned client email addresses, ID badges and business cards; and work in client-branded offices and environments

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An unmatched employee experience Unique talent strategy

Gain access to strategic markets worldwide, an attractive positioning, and a unique employee value proposition that allows you to attract, retain and grow top talent Robust processes & tools

Leverage well-defined and efficient processes supported by dedicated teams and high-tech tools that ensure a best-in-class employee journey Unmatched expertise

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals has diverse global experience and a deep knowledge of the UAE market across all Human Resources areas, ensuring a strategic and innovative approach to human capital

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Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub for global tech talent

  • GDP of $272B in 2021

  • global valley

    UAE’s economy is among the top 30 globally

  • 60%

    Abu Dhabi’s contribution to the UAE’s GDP

global tech talent abu dhabi
  • 1st capital in the world to have 100% fiber-to-the-home connection

  • global valley

    #1 smartest city in MENA in terms of Smart City Development

  • #12

    worldwide for quality of infrastructure

global tech talent abu dhabi
  • 12th globally for ease of doing business, and #1 in the region

  • global valley

    100% foreign ownership across locations and activities

  • 0%

    income tax

global tech talent abu dhabi
  • #1 happiest city in the Arab region

  • global valley

    5th best city for expats

  • #1

    safest city in the world

global tech talent abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi boasts world-class infrastructure, a booming innovation ecosystem and a high quality of life, making it the destination of choice for talent in the tech world

Population of 3.4 billion people in the MEASA region

A city with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse, multinational population. Abu Dhabi an exciting place to live, well-suited to and highly welcoming of young professionals looking to elevate their careers. Abu Dhabi provides access to 3.4 billion people in the MEASA region

million expats in the United Arab Emirates

Combined GDP of USD 9.1 trillion in the MEASA region

Abu Dhabi boasts a pro-business environment, with tax-free income supported by a strong, stable economy with a GDP of USD 272bn in 2021

UAE's economy is among the top 30 globally
Abu Dhabi's contribution to UAE's overall GDP

Abu Dhabi is an ideal location

A unique geographical location coupled with a thriving, fast-paced economy makes Abu Dhabi one of the most diverse destinations in the world, connecting businesses with customers across four time zones and providing access to the entire MEASA region:

of the world’s population within an 8 hours flight
of the world’s population within an 4 hours flight

Large talent pool with more than 50 million academics in the MEASA region

Abu Dhabi has a strong graduate population across sectors and is supported by government initiatives in education, attracting renowned international institutions and ensuring students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for a globalized world

literacy rate among a multinational workforce
universities within Abu Dhabi
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Why choose Global Valley?

  • Diversity

    Our multinational talent pool optimizes the quality of design and problem solving

    global talent recruitment
  • Unrivaled access

    Unlock access to some of the best global talent with experience in specialty industries

    best global talent
  • Reliability

    We offer reliability and long-term economic and political stability

    reliable recruitment agency
  • Scalability

    Teams can be ramped up or down quickly and efficiently

    talent recruitment
  • Livability

    Abu Dhabi is ranked as a top destination for expatriates, making it a top choice for tech talent

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